After Over 130 Years, AVON is Still Calling

By Coach Roger

Whether the economy is booming or slow, particularly in the last 17 years, it hasn’t affected powerhouse MLM Avon a bit. In fact, according to the New York Times, sales in 2009 were estimated at well over $10 Billion, double what it was in 2000.

“Just because someone is on a tight budget,” says Amy Robinson, a spokeswoman for the Direct Selling Association, “doesn’t mean she’s stopped buying her foundation.”

Here’s some history: In 1886, David Hall McConnell slogged from neighborhood to neighborhood trying to sell books for the Union Publishing Company. In the hopes of boosting book sales, he started giving free perfume he made himself to his lady customers. He later said he knew he hit gold when interest in his perfume outgrew the interest in his books.

This inspired McConnell to open the California Perfume Company which later became Avon Products Inc. In 1946, Avon became a publicly traded company. Over the years the product lines have expanded to the men, opening up a new niche to market to.

According to MLM Rankings, Avon sits at the top, number 1 in popularity out of more than 600 network marketing, home based opportunities. That’s impressive.

However, even with these inspiring statistics, there is still one big challenge Avon’s distributors still have: no real system. Bugging people you know to buy stuff from you isn’t exactly a system. Check out a much easier way to build a business online using a proven system from my friend Patric Chan. Learn more here.

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