2019: The Year of…YOU

One of the best things about starting a new year is being able to look in the rear view mirror and see what goals you hit or missed in 2018 then going for a higher bar or, if necessary, pivoting where applicable.

What if you didn’t quite hit your goals last year? It happens to everyone but what separates successful people from the rest is their relentless push in moving forward, despite hitting obstacles.

I tell my daughters this – I picked this up from Sara Blakely, billionaire creator of Spanx – Sara’s story of her dad ‘high fiving’ her and asking her how many times she failed today. The point being as long as she kept getting up, she was going to win. Obstacles are part of the journey to success, once you get that in your mind you can do anything!

I follow a great business leader Ramit Sethi and he surmises that you should begin the new year with a “theme” as opposed to having “resolutions”.

He likes themes a lot better than resolutions because you can view your entire year through a broad lens. For example, if your theme is “new friends” he thinks about events where he can make new friends, about how to build deeper relationships with people he meets and even how to travel with new friends.

You could also choose what experiences you want in 2019. Maybe it’s to go parachuting or get to the six figure or even seven figure level this year. What will 2019 be the year of for you? I have my own goals for 2019, written down. When you do that and can see them everyday, it is motivating. If you haven’t done this, give it a go. It works!

Here’s a Youtube video that will help get you going, it’s based on mindset, it’s critical to have the right mindset no matter what you do. Hope this helps:

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