The Fortune is in the Follow Up Because…

By Coach Roger

It’s a saying that’s well known in the Internet marketing space and the sales industry. “The fortune is in the follow up” has been called an overly used phrase and even a cliche but why is that? Because it’s true.

A couple of years ago a real estate broker who had 70 agents working under him called me about a marketing solution for his brokerage. We (the company I partnered with) had a real solution for him. Only thing is after our initial chat, he disappeared off the face of the Earth.

I was thinking, “wait, he contacted me. He wanted a solution to his problem and we provided that, where the hell did he disappear to?” I called him and left a voice mail. No reply. A few days later I emailed him, still, no reply.

This was a $20,000 deal so it was worth the pursuit. A month had past, still didn’t hear anything. Over the next couple of weeks, I sent a couple of more emails and left another voice mail. Nothing. Another month had gone by.


It happened. Sort of.

He replied to my last email saying thanks for my email and ‘we’ll talk soon’. That was better than nothing I thought but another few weeks went by without hearing from him again. I didn’t want to hound him too much but I sent the odd ‘just checking in’ emails.

Then out of the blue, he calls me. “Hey Roger, tell me again what you can do for us?”. I was like, WTF but ok, and went into how we can help him.

In total, it was about 4 months of radio silence before we closed the deal. The whole time I followed up with him with occasional emails and left messages. To be honest, I kind of wrote him off but knowing it doesn’t take much effort to send an email, I did that. If you’re in a similar situation you must remind yourself that it’s TOTALLY worth doing. How long does a 1-2 sentence email take to write and send? Seriously, don’t give up, it IS worth it because, as they say, the fortune is in the follow up – because it’s true : )

Hope this helps.