Over the last 25 plus years I have been in business selling millions of dollars worth of

goods and services, from key chains to $50,000 Internet franchises. It’s been a great ride, I have a great life with a truly awesome family but like most people I’ve had my challenges too, I think we can agree life can be full of them sometimes.

Today, among my entrepreneurial pursuits and being a life-long learner, I am a successful real estate investor with multiple properties with my mostest, bestest, stunning wife and partner of 22 years, Rinku. We are blessed with two smart, beautiful girls that any parent would be proud of. Seriously, as parents we think our kids are great, right? We should too but honestly, my girls are amazing daughters. I’m also not like a regular dad, I’m a cool dad : )

Our business is small but profitable and we’re growing. It’s my core belief that passive income is a road to freedom. I’m also part of a dedicated team that helps small businesses with lending options that help their companies grow and thrive.

However, many of my subscribers are interested in network marketing or have been involved in some kind of business opportunity. Over the years when I was in various network marketing deals, I had my struggles. You know, bugging all your friends and family to join your new opportunity? Ya that was me too. It was a tough grind, especially when you ran out of people to talk to. I remember when I built my business ‘7 levels deep’ which sounds great but it didn’t really amount to much money lol.

One of my team members said he didn’t have anyone left to talk to and he didn’t want to approach anyone cold. Fast forward to today, I still remember that time and now we’re finally here so I hope my experience will help you.

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Whatever you read on this blog, I’ve written 99.9% of it. I don’t copy and paste articles, these are my writings.

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My dear reader, whatever you decide make sure you go out and do it, taking action is the only way to success. To your exciting journey ahead!

Coach Roger