Is Article Marketing Still Worth the Effort?

By Coach Roger

In three words, yes it is. Promoting your online business through article marketing can be compared to the classic fashion style of wearing black and white – it’s timeless.

As you know there are so many ways to promote your business but in terms of bang for your buck – only your sweat equity – article marketing is likely the cheapest but one of the most powerful ways to do it. It really is a cool thing when someone contacts you asking about your business after reading an article you wrote.

Your reach is enormous because there are thousands of websites that need content and will be only too happy to post your article as long as it’s relevant. It only takes one buyer who has read your article and contacted you to make your effort in article marketing potentially profitable.

Article Directories like Ezine Articles and Idea Marketers are among the highest trafficked sites on the web. By checking with you can find out just how much traffic any website gets before making your decision on which article directory to use. By using the right keywords in your articles, it’s one of the best ways to organically increase your page rank on Google.

For many people though, they don’t have time to write a ton of articles. Let’s face it, while it may be free there is the price of your time. Here’s a great product that will expedite the whole process and save you a ton of time at a click of a button. It’s called Magic Article Rewriter. It allows you to re-write any article an unlimited amount of times giving you tons of new, unique articles from the same source. This automatically increases your online presence with more exposure through the new articles. Pretty cool, eh? It’s explained in more detail here:

Check it out

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