What You Should Ask Before Buying Leads

The Question

By Coach Roger

A lady I was speaking with said she was thinking of buying leads from a lead broker and wanted to know what questions she should ask before spending any money. Here’s what I shared:

The first thing you should know is what is the minimum purchase? Simple math will determine cost of lead. Sorry if this is too rudimentary but if you bought 100 leads for $10 means you paid 10 cents per lead. How detailed is the data? Are you getting both email addresses and phone numbers? If you’re only getting one of the two I wouldn’t buy them unless you are strictly doing a ringless voice mail campaign.

Are these opted-in leads? This is key. While most leads are comprised of raw data anyways, one separation point between a good lead and a dud is if the prospect opted in, this way at least you know there is some interest in them getting into an online business. Also, it’s important to ask how old is the lead and are they date/time stamped.

Do they offer a guarantee? This is a tricky one because most reputable lead brokers will give you an overage of leads to compensate for the slew of duds that will invariably be a part of your purchase. When buying leads as long as they give you more than what you ordered that should suffice. If they do, however, offer you some sort of guarantee I would jump on that! Hope this helps.


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