You CAN Teach ‘Old Dogs’ New Tricks in Network Marketing

21st Century Tactics

By Coach Roger

If you’ve been holding off on using the latest marketing methods, why is that? Maybe it’s time to consider incorporating 21st Century initiatives into your business. Surprisingly, some of the old practices in network marketing are still being taught today like, go after your warm market, meet in doughnut shops or approach strangers in malls – that last one is nuts!

Like some of you, I’m an ‘old dog’ per se, but I realized some time ago that while old school tactics may still work (which is why it’s still taught), it’s such an archaic way of doing business; today’s progressive marketers would never dream of using such tactics. However, that’s not to say traditional methods don’t work, they do but there is a finite number of people you can approach that way.

As you launch your network marketing business, there are a few things you must know before spending your hard-earned marketing dollars.

The Law of Large Numbers

You will recruit far more people when you have more of them in one place rather than with a one-on-one approach. For example, webinars. If you have 5, 10 or 100+ people in one virtual room, a synergy forms, energy that you would not be able to create with just one person. As long as you are connecting with your audience and relating with what’s going on in their lives, you should feel confident that you will recruit new people into your business. Remember, it should ALWAYS be about them. When you have many people in a webinar, it’s a virtual certainty you will recruit people based on the law of large numbers. Having done hundreds of live webinars over the last few years I can attest to this, it works!

A Confused Buyer Never Buys

When you are talking to someone who is clearly interested, you must know how to say the right things to bring them on board. The good news is you can never really say the wrong thing to the right person. But when you get to that point at the end of your presentation, give them NO MORE THAN two options. A confused buyer never buys so remember this! One option should be to do the logical thing and for them to move forward and the other should be a reminder of the prospects current life and their failures. Tell them the truth and ask them if they continue doing what they’re doing, honestly, where will they be in 5 years, what about in 10 years?

Follow Up

When I talk about following up I don’t mean it solely by calling someone back, although that is extremely important too if you want to engage with your prospect, but also to use an auto responder. It’s been around for decades but there are many marketers – admittedly newbies – who don’t use it. An autoresponder allows you to keep in touch with your prospects via email on a regular basis automatically. As all Internet Marketers will tell you, “the money is in the list”. Hope this helps.

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