Scheduling Your Life Made Easy (and Free)

By Coach Roger

If you’re a sales professional, stay at home or working mom, realtor or anyone who needs to schedule their work day, there’s nothing better than a calendar app that helps you stay on track.

There’s a lot of great software out there too like Time trade, Mixmax or a Gmail scheduler from Google and they’re all good.

The one I like best and use is Calendly. It takes about five minutes to set up and it integrates seamlessly with Google calendar. Did I mention that it was free too? Oh ya, it’s that as well. Check it out here.

9 Ways to Reduce Stress

By Coach Roger





After 14 years in a house we’ve lovingly called home, it’s time to go now.

With moving boxes lined everywhere around the house, it’s pretty hectic, crazy and man, it can be stressful. I’m also meeting with a real estate agent next week to look at purchasing student rentals in a different city; this is also an exciting time.

But whenever you push yourself out of your comfort zone and feel you’ve taken on more than you can handle, the stress levels of uncertainty can pile up pretty quickly. Continue reading “9 Ways to Reduce Stress”

Episode 3: An Average of 100% ROI for 14 Straight Months!

By Coach Roger

By Coach Roger

We’ve all heard the saying ‘If it’s too good to be true then it probably is’.

However, after talking with Joseph Fusco a few weeks ago and attending one of his live Q and A sessions, I became quite convinced the software he helped create is very true. Just ask his clients.

Whether you’re an experienced trader or a complete newbie, the automated software does all the trading for you and has produced stellar results for 14 consecutive months. It trades on the S & P 500 E-Mini Futures Index and has averaged 100.86% profitability every month since June 2016. Continue reading “Episode 3: An Average of 100% ROI for 14 Straight Months!”

7 Tips on How to Write An Effective Blog

By Coach Roger


By Coach Roger

Doing videos in front of the camera is soooooo Not in my comfort zone but I do it anyways, hopefully they’ve helped you. Writing a blog on the other hand, I enjoy. I’ve always enjoyed writing but as an Internet marketer, you have to ‘purposefully write’ and use the correct keywords.

There’s always a right way and a wrong way of doing things and writing a blog is no different. Here are 7 tips I picked up on how to do it right. In re-reading the following pointers and checking my blog, it looks like I’ve erred a couple of times at least lol but here you go, hope it helps: Continue reading “7 Tips on How to Write An Effective Blog”

Episode 2: Love Reading Great Books But Have No Time? You Do Now

By Coach Roger

By Coach Roger

We’re all busy people but we also all know the importance of reading and how much joy and knowledge that can be gained from great books.

In our latest podcast on Coach Roger Radio, I’m joined by my special guest, Steve Cunningham. He’s the creator and founder of Read it For Me, a platform that serves people in their “in between moments” as Steve puts it, with audio (and video) summaries of the best business and personal development books available today. Steve has built his company to thousands of customers in over 60 countries around the world.

Since we all need some inspiration but we don’t always have the time, with these summaries being only 10-12 minutes, now you do. Listen to our podcast where Steve gives great insight on how this can help you as well as offering advice for entrepreneurs.

For a special limited-time generous offer, over the next five days, Steve is giving you a significant discount to get the full benefits of Read it For Me. Click Here.

Hope you enjoy!