Go Ringless Extreme Marketing Tool

By Coach Roger

There are so many tools out there you can use to market your business. As recently as today, I’ve already had a few questions about the same thing, do ringless voice mails work?

To answer that, here’s a summary of what Go Ringless Extreme is and isn’t: It IS a terrific marketing tool to help you get hundreds of people calling you back within a few minutes so yes, it works. However, it ISN’T perfect.

What I mean by this is I use it fairly regularly in a couple of the projects I’m involved in. For example, if you use the lead generation tools that come with it and generate (or as they say scrape) leads from the Internet and produce 1,000 phone numbers, about 600 of those numbers will be cell phones.

When you input those 600 numbers in the ringless voice mail software, it will disseminate the active numbers from the dead ones ie. inactive lines.

Out of the 600 numbers, 400 might be good and those are the numbers where the ringless voice mails will be dropped. The good news is you only pay for those that land, between 2.5-3.2 cents per drop, it’s super cheap.

Here’s a video tutorial I did on how Go Ringless Extreme works and the really cool lead generation tools that come with it. Hope this helps:

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