REVIEW: Is 50/50 Crowdfunding a Scam? Depends on Who You Ask

Let’s get this out of the way: I’m in.

That said, after many years removed from being involved in an MLM business model, I pretty much vowed never to get into this type of business again.

It’s not because I think MLM or, in this case 50/50 Crowdfunding, is a scam, in fact it’s the contrary. It’s because of the number of bridges I’ve burned promoting some amazing MLM deal and I didn’t want to go through THAT again. For some people they love the business model and that’s all good, each to their own.

So last week, along comes a business associate and friend, both of five years, who introduces me to this new business opportunity where everyone is doing well in it, financially speaking. Right there, I wanted to run away and even worse, when he shows me 50/50 Crowdfunding, the first thing I say is “this is a money game”.

What convinced me otherwise is that crowdfunding – like Go Fund Me or Kick Starter – is no different from, well, crowdfunding. I also read that it’s legal in over 150 countries including the US and Canada. Also, if you make money in 50/50 Crowdfunding then you should claim it. Do it the right way so you don’t have to turn your shoulder for fear the tax man is right behind you.

Also, what makes any money game illegal is there is no product. With 50/50 Crowdfunding, you get a website plus the software that tracks everyone who’s coming in so you know who to donate to. It’s completely automated.

Created by David Rosen who, in his previous business called PIE 24/7 which is similar to the 50/5o Crowdfunding model, was endorsed by Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks on the hit ABC TV show Shark Tank.

So what happened since I joined over a week ago? Within 24 hours, even though I didn’t tell a soul – BAM! – I get a donation, then another one, then another one and a couple of days later another one.

Holy cow! I had to share this.

The biggest gain from all of this is I’ve put so little energy into this since I’m a busy guy but I’m very happy with the results.

Has everyone had this kind of success since they joined 50/50 Crowdfunding? No, absolutely not but many have, I’m told 70% of participants have received a donation without talking to anyone. However, I know people who are part of the 30% who haven’t received a donation yet. In the end it’s a personal decision, no need to be bamboozled into it, you either get it or you don’t.

So if you ask them is 50/50 Crowdfunding a scam? They’ll likely say yes it is but with a little patience, they could change their minds. If you are intrigued and want more information, watch this quick video:

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