REVIEW: Is 50/50 Crowdfunding a Scam? Yes, it is

UPDATE I’ve received a few more emails about the leader of 50/50 and his history with people and his business schemes. His name is David T Rosen or Davy Ishmael I believe is his real name. If the program is still running, please do NOT contact me about it. In fact, run away from it as fast as you can, it’s a SCAM and he is a known fraud artist. The reason I’m keeping this post up is a lot of traffic comes to this post from people considering putting money into 50/50. Don’t do it.

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  1. I see a lot of people promoting this in the same lines of big companies such as Go Fund Me.

    The difference is quite clear. With them legal companies you are donating knowing you will not make a return (Giving money for a good cause etc) With this 50/50 scam you are giving money on the basis you are expecting a return. Once new people stop joining and sending money it will collapse.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. It was how the system was designed. Because I got in early, the back office told you who you needed to send a donation to. Same thing happened when others joined. The system told them to send a donation, in some cases it was me, and I received the donation without having to speak with anyone. Do I recommend 50/50 now? No, I don’t.

        1. Hi Jyoti,

          Although I was a part of 50/50, I never actively pursued bringing new members in other than writing my blog post on my experience. From the looks of it, it has clearly grown outside North America and maybe it’s hot again. However, these types of programs/schemes, whatever you want to call it, grows only because people join. If you join and don’t bring people in or are not lucky enough to have people placed under you automatically by force through the matrix, you will not make money. I was fortunate to make money in this because I got in early, basically a few weeks after it started. If you join, do so at your own risk and it is risky. Also, like anything else, you will get out what you put in. I hope this helps.
          – Coach Roger

  2. Hello !
    please I am soo confused that lot of Members
    have been in 5050 Crowdfunding changed position
    into Impact 101 ??

    now I have received message as following ….. and therefore
    I am not sure how to continue in this kind of business ?
    I am sure how secure 5050 Crowdfunding will work in nearest future ?

    here 2 messages – please give me answer about your opinion per E-Mail ! thank you in advance
    5050 crowdfunding turned out to be a colossal disappointment to so many people. My membership is still open with them but I haven’t shared their program since early January after we were all lied to by the CEO. Their platform has not made one improvement worth mentioning, I have multiple support tickets that have never been answered. I have tokens I paid for that were not valid and useless that were never refunded and 5050 is history in my mind. Impact 101 and their platform has blown away everything 5050 has to offer..

    If you’re having success with 5050 you could make a serious difference and help a lot more people with Impact101. The platform has flaws, there’s no support and you’re still having success? You realize about 90% of 5050 members are gone and the CEO has started a different program to make himself another million dollars

    question: are these opinions right ?

    Best Regards:


    1. Thanks for your thoughts Guenter. To answer your questions, I’m not familiar with Impact 101 and, like you, my membership is still open with 50/50 but I’m not active with it anymore. In fact, as it states in my post, I was never very active to begin with, I just got lucky by joining early. I brought in a few select people and most of them made money. It was good at the time but it seems to have died a slow death since then, as you’ve also noted.

  3. I know David T Rosen ( aka Dave Ishmael, his birth name and EAST YORK COLLEGIATE HIGH SCHOOL name) better than most as I have lived with his ex ( mother of his daughter)and I can personally vouch that this Very Rudimentary Ponzi-type scheme will take your hard -earned money in a flash—with no return. PLEASE keep your $$ in your own pocket….PLEASE,. NO GOOD can/ will come of giving Mr Ishmael your $$$

    1. I completely agree. Those who’re using his “business” are those that resides in India and Asia. This man is a complete con artist and i cannot believe people are still giving him their money. The one that broke my heart was an elderly pensioner who had just lost her husband believed promises that “the system” would give her money to bury her husband and David cheated and robbed this poor old woman. He preys on the vulnerable and less fortunate. Do you think he can really bring this idea to a bank owner? I’ve worked with this man before and i’ve listened to him saying he will pay people when he knew he wasn’t going to. As the business crashes, he creates a new one. This is something i know for a fact. Why haven’t the authorities catch him? I don’t know how he sleeps at night after exploiting people and best believe he walks with his chest high as ever. Please stop giving this man your money. He talks about caring about people yet he infected a young girl in Barbados and threw her out on the streets. Many others need to be more vocal about their experience with David T. Rosen/ Davy Ishmael. Horrible person!!

  4. The CEO Davy Ishmael is indeed a con artist. He’s conned thousands, of not millions of people. Even an elderly pensioner who had recently lost her husband and couldn’t afford the funeral, invested money looking for a return but there was none. Let me assure you Mr Ishmael sees every single one of your emails and support tickets. He preys on the vulnerable and less fortunate. I’m able to say this as I’ve worked with him a short while after which I realized he’s a thief! I cannot fathom how he sleeps at night. He makes literally everything about himself and treats people like they’re nothing. And can you believe they take it? Why isn’t he in jail? If you realize, he targets the countries that are farther away, where people are less likely to know him. Everyone has the same to say about him and I don’t understand why people are still giving him their money.

  5. I’m in the Caribbean and my account was disabled after i enrolled over 500 persons which means i cannot access nor get the money out!! I’ve sent countless emails to and also utilised the phone numbers of the persons as well as (647)8850426 which is the owners number and no one has responded. IT’S SAFE TO SAY THIS MAN SCAMMED MY MONEY. A lot wasn’t adding up so i contacted the persons i invited and unfortunately, they’re unable to login as well. We all did our fair share of research and came to an understanding that his authentic name is DAVY ISHMAEL who has scammed millions of people. He constantly changes his name to scam people from all over the world. We should’ve done our research before proceeding but this is a lesson. Once he gets to use you, he then steals your money then blocks you from the website, like he’s done to many others. It’s safe to say this is a whole scam! You will mess with the wrong person one day!

  6. Coach Roger… I know Davy ISHMAEL personally ( aka David T Rosen–he thinks it “sounds” more professional…. This Crowd Funding is and always has been to line his own pockets. If you really want to HELP PEOPLE?? why not print my reply as someone who has known him personally over 10 years? People are just throwing $ away with “donating to him! I have seen what he does with this $$ and it is 100% self-serving and Theft. Please help people. Thank you.

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