Marketing 102: Cutting Through the Clutter

Business legend and New York Times best selling author of the Ultimate Sales Machine, the late Chet Holmes, said in 1993 you needed 4 attempts to grab your buyer’s attention. 15 years later it took 8.4 attempts. Today it’s even more.

Advertising costs more than 3X what it did a couple of decades ago and that is only to achieve less than half the results!  So how do you affordably cut through the clutter to get your buyer’s attention today?

One cost effective way is to outsource your marketing initiatives. This way you can focus on prospects coming to you and not worry about anything else; outsourcing has long been a way for businesses to keep costs down and productivity high.

As an example of cost effective, cutting-through-the clutter-online marketing, is an inbound call center for one of the products I’ve been using for the better part of two years, Go Ringless Extreme (GRE).

My business partner created this inbound call center where his marketing team places ads all over the web that generates calls to agents who promote GRE. They just send these new prospects to a webinar where they learn all the information about the product. It’s an excellent business model, particularly if you’re an inside sales professional or entrepreneur.

To find out how the inbound call center can help you cut through the clutter and earn a great income working a flexible schedule, watch my video here.





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