Our New Kitten Gizmo and His Marketing Expertise

By Coach Roger

You wouldn’t think a 6-week-old kitten would have anything to do with a marketing plan but stay with me on this one.

When I went to my old friend Linda’s place a few weeks ago, her cat gave birth to a litter of 5 kittens. I noticed a black and white one who looked the most curious and friendly out of the lot and liked him immediately but thought, no, this wasn’t going to work.

Linda said matter of factly “which one do you want?” I said I’d like to but couldn’t, it was bad timing.

About a week later Linda said she gave away two but still had three needing a new home. The sense of urgency was starting to build.

“C’mon take one, you said you liked the black one,” she said. “Can’t do it,” I replied.

Another week had passed and I got a call, it was from Linda.

“I only have two left,” she said. “One of them is the one you like.” She texted me a pic of the kitten too.

At this point I felt compelled to act. I deployed a plan to ask my girls what they thought about having another feline since we already have 12-year-old Simba at home. Needless to say, they loved the idea. It was Rinku, my wife, we had to convince but I wanted to get the girls on board first then collectively work on mom heheh. It worked.

As long as the kids cleaned up the cat poop because she (and I) were tired of doing most of Simba’s cleaning, it was a go. The kids agreed – they didn’t really have a choice – and Gizmo was welcomed to his new family just yesterday.

The point to all this is when you’re marketing, it’s rare anyone will act on the first impression. It generally takes up to 7 impressions/introductions before someone will act. Adding scarcity – “there’s only two left!” – creates urgency and is an excellent and effective tool too.

My friend Josh Cope sent me a few emails before I acted and I’m so glad I did. The good news is his first introduction is a webinar where you can sit back and learn real, specific marketing strategies to help build your business to any level you want.

Gizmo, the newest member of my family, I’m sure, couldn’t agree more with Josh’s strategies. Hell, it worked for him and now he has a new home! You can find out more by registering for Josh’s free webinar here.






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