The Number One Reason Why People DON’T Start A Business…

The Four Major Obstacles of Starting A Business

By Coach Roger

Check this out, a research study done by MarketWave asked 6,000 people who had never owned a business a simple question: If all obstacles were removed, would you like to own your own business?

85% said yes.

This means more than 250 million Americans want to start their own business. So why are there far more employees than business owners in the real world? Fear came out on top.

The research also concluded there were four main reasons why the 85% never took the entrepreneurial leap. There is no question going out on your own isn’t an easy decision but surprisingly the study points out that – while fear is a key factor – it was also a lack of knowledge that impacted people’s decision in not starting a business. Here is a breakdown:

1) Too Much Money

Most people in the survey said they didn’t have the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to invest in a business and they didn’t know anyone else who did. Obviously we’re talking about a bricks and mortar type business here and although money is less of an issue for people considering network marketing or any online business, cost is still an issue. I know, I hear from those types a lot lol.

2)  It Takes Too Much Time

They didn’t fancy the idea of working 80+ hours a week just to lose money the first couple of years to get their business going.

3) There is Too Much Risk

Without a safety net of a regular pay check, the fear of starting a business was paralyzing.

4) They Don’t Know How

With no business experience, no formal training and no knowledge of taxation, accounting, marketing or any of the other major skills required by some entrepreneurs, it was easier just to keep doing what they were already doing.

A common answer in the survey was “I don’t know how” and they felt it was too late to start. Many had mortgages to pay, a family to feed and basically felt the ship of owning their own business had already sailed.

In our world today, you know that’s a load of crap! Today, most online entrepreneurs work a full time job and spend a few hours a week building their business, that’s the new normal.

A World of Information

You also know it’s much easier to start a business now than ever before. But did you know more millionaires have been created in the last 50 years than in the previous 300?

Fear, however, still exists. People are people, right? But access to information on how to conquer your fears with personal development and how to start a business is literally a click away. According to Internet World Stats, there are over 1.8 billion people online today. Holy cow!

That means there is no shortage of information on how to start a business and it’s clear that network marketing is the least expensive – and most accessible – platform for anyone to begin. But if you have joined an MLM business or are thinking about it, it’s vital you know WHAT to do to grow that business.

Using A System

Using McDonald’s and its drive-thru as an example, you pull up to the speaker and place your order, a teenager takes your money, gives you your food and you’re on your way. Very predictable, very systematic.

Any network marketing business can run that way if you know how and that’s by following a step-by-step system. When you have a system taught directly by a top income earner, it will significantly increase your chances of success in your business, who doesn’t want that?

Well, we know at least 85% do : )

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