Stop Babying Your Downline

By Coach Roger

If you’re in a network marketing deal you know what happens when you recruit people, right? Some go nuts and start building their business, others waffle about and do nothing. In fact, most people do nothing.

So what do some of us do? We call them, we encourage them, we push them to the point of practically stalking them. We exert so much wasted energy trying to help them build their business, ultimately it just pisses us off.

You also know you don’t have to do that, right? Stop babying your downline, or business partners as I like to call them. Nobody wins in this scenario.

In a similar situation, I remember prospecting and recruiting a 30s something couple into my business. They lived in a pretty posh part of town, a nice condo near downtown Toronto. With this new power couple joining my business, I began thinking about the down payment I was going to make on my new Mercedes, I was thinking about the houses I was going to buy. Things were looking FANTASTIC!

When it came to him signing on the dotted line to join, he backed off. Then he asked for a loan (I kid you not) to pay for his joining fee. It was $500 to join.

I was thinking to myself, this is not happening. Are you kidding me? This successful guy and his wife need to borrow $500 from me to join. What?? Like hell I’m going to give him the cash. So what did I do?

I gave him the cash.

You can probably guess how the story ended, it wasn’t pretty but I did eventually get my money back but I swore never to do that again. I learned my lesson that the best way to build your network marketing business is to recruit people who actually WANT to be in business. People like us.

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