Having a Bad Day in Your Business? This will Center You

By Coach Roger

Got a call from a client this morning who wasn’t happy. Obviously you can’t make everyone happy but as business owners we must try to correct whatever is wrong in their eyes. Sometimes we exceed their expectations and sometimes we fall flat.

It’s easy to be tickety-boo when things are going well. What really shows what you’re made of is when things go off the rails. It’s tough but it’s also a reality in life.

Coupled with that call and two more calls afterwards, we’re still working on the issues but I expect a positive resolution when all is said and done but as they say, when it rains it pours. Ugh!

So as it happens, as I was on YouTube, I get a “Recommended Video” to watch. If you’re having a bad day as I was to this point, this should put everything in perspective. If it doesn’t, you’re not human. Watch this quick video, reflect on your own life, be grateful, help people where you can and keep on keeping on.

Working from Home No Longer A Secret Society

By Coach Roger

The Times They Are A Changin’

By Coach Roger

Nice pic, eh? Fyi, that’s not me lol but it highlights the fact that just 10 years ago, 4% of the US labor force –  meaning millions of people – worked from home, some of them in their boxers like this guy. That number today has significantly gone up. I remember when I first began calling business owners wanting them to check out a website and asking if they were “online”, which in 2007-2008 was effectively a new term. The reactions I would get would be “What’s that?” or “What the hell does that mean?”

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