Real Lessons Being Learned During COVID-19 but There is Hope

By Coach Roger

For some, business couldn’t be better. For others in this global pandemic, it couldn’t be further from the truth. The sad part is, for many, facing a near-future financial nightmare, that’s the case. The good news is, there is hope and there is a strategy for that.

As news of 30 million Americans filing for unemployment in six weeks hit the wire, it became even more devastatingly real. 30 million people losing their jobs in less than two months. Wow, that is crazy. It’s unprecedented.

So many people have come to the realization that working for money in a 9-5 scenario isn’t the way to go. Of course, having a job fulfills an immediate must, you have to pay the bills and feed the family. But more than ever, building a passive income is critical to survival in life. It’s one of those ‘help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope’ moments. Maybe that’s a stretch but I know you get it.

We don’t always make the right decisions, Lord knows I’ve made mistakes but I’ve always believed that passive income is a path to freedom, especially in times like these. As entrepreneurs it’s important we pivot when we must.

For example, years ago I had a few tenants who lost their jobs and couldn’t pay rent. It created a lot of stress and ultimately a couple of evictions and it was an experience I never want to go through again. Today, a significant majority of my properties are occupied by people who receive financial help from government due to disability, mental health issues etc.

Most landlords turn these people away assuming they cause damage to their properties or are problem-children. I think otherwise. In fact, they are among the best tenants I’ve ever had. Everyone has issues to some extent, they just have varying degrees of it. I’ve found that as long as you respect the people who live in your homes and genuinely care about them living with dignity – at the same time not crossing the line into friend territory – it’s a win-win. Plus I’m guaranteed rent every month. Many other landlords I know are hurting really bad right now.

In my digital marketing business, we’ve lost a couple of clients along the way but still receive healthy, monthly revenues from all our clients, residually. I believe it’s because we provide real value at a fair price.

If you have time on your hands right now, and most people do, THIS is the time to get serious about building a passive income in a recession-proof business; real estate, an online business, YouTube, whatever it is, TAKE ACTION! It’s the only way to success. Also, know there are going to be ups and downs along the way and when it gets tough, that’s when you need to get tough and plow through and just know you will thrive. Hope this helps.

We’re All in This Together So Here You Go…

By Coach Roger

We’re All in This Together So Here You Go

3D illustration of COVID-19

I read this from someone who saw it on Facebook. Paraphrased, it said: “Our grandparents were asked to cross the ocean and serve their country to fight for freedom….we are being asked to sit on a couch and watch Netflix. We can do this.”

And we can. But only together.

It’s obviously a tough time for A LOT of people. It’s scary. The COVID-19 pandemic and the massive layoffs about to happen will devastate families all over the world. In many cases, layoffs have already happened. Personally speaking, my wife was laid off three days ago. She’s a successful hair stylist but personal care was trumped by the dangers of potentially spreading or catching a deadly virus. I support the salon owners decision but man, this whole thing sucks.

Thankfully, almost all my income is passive so it’ll keep coming in and I know I’m in a privileged place compared to most but it wasn’t by complete accident either. Let’s face it, the online business community has grown exponentially in the last week alone. People are looking for secondary income streams or if they’ve just lost their job, a new income stream. So which guru do you follow?

Every online business program/course/opportunity seems to come with hidden costs. You buy in and then there’s an “OTO” (one-time offer) to upgrade and then another offer to upgrade and so on and so on. Before you know it, you’re out $900 for a product that’s advertised for $27. Now, truth be told, $900 is a drop in the bucket for a business. That’s a monthly office expense for many one-man army business owners. But for others, $900 is what’s left in the bank account and after their own personal expenses, there’s nary left over.

Let’s say you don’t have any money or very little of it. What do you do? I want to introduce you to a business friend of mine named Dejan who’s not much older than my teen-aged daughter. This guy is a master at generating an income with YouTube and you don’t have to be in front of the camera if you don’t want to. His methods are proven to profit and you can rinse and repeat over and over without spending an extra dime!

I’ve created a YouTube channel, generated 1,800 subscribers and got it monetized. But I’ve only done that once so far. Dejan has done it many times over and has sold it for BIG profits and that’s just one way you can make money with his course, all without being a salesman.

I don’t make a penny for recommending this course. I will say it’s packed full of value, it’s simple to follow and it works. Right now it sells for $119 (the price may go up) and after you buy it, there is nothing more to buy. There are ways you can pay someone to expedite a particular result but that is completely optional, you don’t have to and you’ll be fine, no worries. I hope this helps. Stay safe. Click Here

Having a Bad Day in Your Business? This will Center You

By Coach Roger

Got a call from a client this morning who wasn’t happy. Obviously you can’t make everyone happy but as business owners we must try to correct whatever is wrong in their eyes. Sometimes we exceed their expectations and sometimes we fall flat.

It’s easy to be tickety-boo when things are going well. What really shows what you’re made of is when things go off the rails. It’s tough but it’s also a reality in life.

Coupled with that call and two more calls afterwards, we’re still working on the issues but I expect a positive resolution when all is said and done but as they say, when it rains it pours. Ugh!

So as it happens, as I was on YouTube, I get a “Recommended Video” to watch. If you’re having a bad day as I was to this point, this should put everything in perspective. If it doesn’t, you’re not human. Watch this quick video, reflect on your own life, be grateful, help people where you can and keep on keeping on.

One Critical Ingredient to a Successful Business

By Coach Roger

Have you ever missed going to the gym and regretted it? What about eating that chocolate cake that you enjoyed but deep down wished you didn’t even look at it? Well, this is my first post for 2020 and I regret not writing sooner. Sorry! : )

I have actually been really busy. I’ve been building a new business, a marketing agency, that I’m proud of and it’s going really well but taking up a lot of my time of late.

Where I know I don’t need any help in building my business is with the company I keep, specifically my wife.

In light of it being one day after St. Valentines Day today and, as a man, I’ll say it’s easy to fall in love with a hot woman. What’s infinitely more difficult, however, is finding a hot woman who checks off all the other boxes: supportive partner, great wife, great mom, great friend, great cook and a traditional woman who looks after her husband – before all the feminists jump in, I look after her too, ok? ; )

Rinku is my saviour, she’s more than being my rock. After 22 years of marriage (and counting), I say this sincerely. Without her, I would likely be dead or out of control. Please note, I didn’t set out to write about my wife, I want to keep my posts business as usual but there is definitely a connection between a successful business and a successful union between two people or three or more, whatever floats your boat. No judgement here.

If your partner is someone who doesn’t support you it’s going to be very difficult taking the proper action without asking yourself “Is building this business worth it?” Or “What will they say if this one doesn’t pan out?” Choose carefully, my friend. Seriously, choosing the right life partner will have a tremendous impact on how you progress in your (business) life.

This one may shock you but I knew my wife only three weeks before we got married. Three weeks! This was NOT an arranged marriage either in case you were thinking that.

Knowing someone only three weeks before getting hitched I know sounds insane but here’s all I needed to know about her, apart from her natural beauty (btw, she looks even better in person). My qualifiers were: Does she come from a good family? Check. Is she of good character? Check. Can she cook? Check. The rest, over time, just fell into place. For those who say “you have to work on your marriage” is BS to me. If you have to “work” on your marriage, that’s not much of a marriage. It should be natural, organic and respectful.

Anyways, getting back to business, before you start one and you have a partner, it’s critical you have their support because there’s going to be ups and downs, expect it. It’s easy to ride an ‘up’ wave but if it crashes, they should be there for you to pick up the pieces so you can get up again, it’s so important! Hope this helps.

Who Can YOU Trust Online in 2020?

By Coach Roger

Forget the 2020 part, the headline should read “Who can you trust online? Period.”

Let’s face it, there are a lot of players out there who want to get at your pocket book as quickly as possible. In business, that’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as you’re not being duped into something you don’t need or want. Of course, being duped happens all the time. The question is, how do you avoid it happening to you in 2020?

A few weeks ago, I hired a guy to do appointment setting calls to promote an automatic trading software I own (here’s my podcast with the co-developer from 2017). In a later conversation I had with this guy, he correctly pointed out that you are essentially who you associate with. He said this because, right before he was about to start work, he read two negative posts about the co-developer and the software from a scam report. Then he bailed and ran away. These were two ANONYMOUS posts, to be clear.

If we take the posts as gospel and the software didn’t work for these people as claimed, I’m confident it was because they messed with it. How do I know this? Because I messed with the software too and it almost liquidated my trading account!

I’ve owned this automatic trading software for about two years now but have only been ‘trading’ with it – I say ‘trading’ because all you’re really doing is pressing the on/off button; the trading itself is automatic – for about a year. I’m in positive territory, up about 8% which is great in any investment scenario. That said, I’m also in a losing spell as there is no system or person who can guarantee that you will win every trade. It doesn’t exist.

In short, it’s been a great investment and is one of my retirement vehicles that I plan to one day live off of. The point to all this is, just because an anonymous person posts negative comments about someone or something, doesn’t make it true. If there were a ton of negative reviews about the software or the co-developer, however, then that’s a different story.

One of my major pet peeves is when business gurus host webinars and LIE about saying they’re “live”. Let’s call it for what it is: Absolute BS! You’re not live and we know it. How stupid do you think the attendees are? Granted, some participants may fall for it but by overtly lying saying you’re live when you’re not, hurts your credibility and your product or service. It’s important to note, however, not all business gurus do this but for those who do, you know who you are. Stop it!

So when it comes to business opportunities or programs, who can you trust online in 2020? Trust yourself. Do your research, consider the source, ask questions, check reviews, evaluate the pros and cons and if it all makes sense, go for it and take action. The only way to success in anything is to take action. Take massive action.

Blessings to you and to a healthy & prosperous 2020!!

Let’s do this!

Coach Roger

NB – With any type of investing and in relation to future results, nothing can be guaranteed or promised. Always do your due diligence.

Life Lessons from 100-Year-Olds

By Coach Roger

The headline and photo above are misleading but connected too. I’m obviously not 100 years old, just over half that actually, but I wanted to share a pic of the hand-made birthday card my 10-year-old daughter gave me last week. Please note, this is not to highlight how wonderful a dad I am – although I confess, I am : ) this is to highlight how precious life is and our mortality.

If you’re in your 30s you’re likely not even thinking about this. The thought of your mortality may creep up in your 40s but I’m pretty certain most of us who hit 50 and beyond have thought about death. So, what does this downer topic have to do with sales, marketing and growing your business?

It means time is ticking. No matter how old you are, in just over 30 days from now, it will be the year 2020. Did you achieve or are you on track to achieve your goals of 2019? If not, why not?

Have I achieved my goals? I’m definitely on track but I can be better too. It’s critically important to know your reasons why you’re striving for a particular goal. This should be the fire to keep you burning. If you don’t have a goal, make one! Stay consistent, stay the course and good things will happen, I promise.

The other side of the coin is don’t do anything and live your life with eternal regrets. Surely that’s not the outcome you desire. Even worse, if you don’t do what you should be doing for your financial future today, you will ultimately be in a very dark place tomorrow. That’s a horrible thought so don’t waste your life!

Take heed from what these centenarians are saying as they look back on their lives in the video below. We can all learn from their wisdom.

NB – The note on the card about the ‘expensive gift’ is from a long running joke when my kids would ask me what I wanted for Xmas or birthdays. With tongue firmly in cheek I always asked for an expensive gift. Now you know.

The Joys and Pitfalls of Working from Home (and for yourself)

By Coach Roger

One of my very first posts in this blog was about the pros of working from home. Honestly, it’s awesome but it certainly has its drawbacks too.

Starting with the pros, I saw my daughter’s flag football game last Thursday. I was one of two dads there along with a few moms. It was actually a tournament that started at 10am; I caught a couple of hours of it then went to lunch with my mom.

Being ‘semi-retired’ I can do that. However, I’m not exactly in a place where I don’t have to work, I do, but I’m in an enviable place where my income exceeds my expenses without me having to work. It’s called passive income which I know you’ve heard of and it takes work to build it to that point. You must remember that nothing comes easy and I’ve certainly had my share of pitfalls, I still do so life isn’t perfect but would I change it? Not on your life!

I’m a serial entrepreneur too so I’ve tried a lot of things where I’ve fouled out badly but also hit a few home runs. Those home runs (real estate/stocks/SEO business) have mitigated the failures I’ve had. The point is, never give up! You should feel comfort in knowing that all successful people, no matter who they are, have failed at least once, very likely many more times than that.

Another pro to working from home is I’m more engaged in my kids lives. I know what’s going on because I see them when they leave for school and I see them when they come home. Just a couple of days ago my little one (the same one who plays flag football) was elected Prime Minister of her class. Pretty cool. She had to write a ‘vote for me’ speech and present it to her classmates and teachers. I helped her. She gets all the credit for winning but I’ll take some of it because I had time to help her write it, although admittedly she wrote most of it. If I were slogging it out at work then fighting with traffic to get home, I doubt I would have had the energy to help her.

However, there of course are cons in working from home. The worst one for me is the isolation. Not sure I’ve mentioned it before but when you’ve worked from home for as long as I have you can become socially inept, at least I have. Although I have a client visit every now and then, my wife Rinku – who is awesome – encourages me to get out more, socialize more and get out of my bubble. I do that but I need to do it more, I’m kind of a home body. Another con is one’s waistline. I was doing great over the summer and now that we’re firmly in fall, my girth has also increased. How lovely.

So that is a summary of my pros and cons working from home. There’s more to it of course but again, I wouldn’t change it for anything. If that’s what you want, go for it. It’s not easy but it is simple. Just remember no one is going to tell you to get to work, it takes self-discipline, put your head down and get it done. As the saying goes, you can make money and you can make excuses but you can’t make both. If you want to know what I listen to to help my focus, keep me calm and motivated, feel free to e me and I’ll send you some links. Hope this helps.

What Are You Grateful for?

By Coach Roger

The pic doesn’t show it clearly but the wording reads “What are you grateful for?”

The saying is taped to my daughter’s dressing table mirror and it has served her well in being a good kid to her parents but also being aware of what she has and how lucky she is. As parents we remind her of her blessings from time to time, something that needs to be done when she gets into her “Can you buy this for me?” or “Can I have that?”outbursts, however infrequent they are.

When my kids were really young, I wrote that saying and taped it to their dresser. After some years of wear and tear it eventually came off but it was my little one who put it back up on her own. That saying alone that she’s read everyday has helped frame her mindset. I just know it.

In anything I’ve done well in my life, it’s always because I’ve had a good attitude about it; having the right mindset and working hard. It’s a simple formula but as Jim Rohn says, we often major in the minor things. Although he was referring to sales, it can also be applied to life in general.

It’s easy to get lost in your thoughts and sabotage yourself into a worst-case scenario. Your mindset is critical in achieving whatever it is you want to achieve. I’ve written about this in previous posts and it certainly won’t be the last time.

If you’re about to start a marketing/sales campaign, if you’re about to dial for dollars or if you are about to close a deal, before you begin ask yourself, ‘what am I grateful for?’ and answer it honestly. You’ll find there is so much you should be grateful for that even if you lose a sale, it’ll hurt, yes, but it will also put everything in perspective if you truly believe in the saying. Hope this helps.

A 12-Year-Old Phenom

By Coach Roger

In one of my recent posts, I said I wanted to occasionally highlight underrated YouTubers. There are so many out there, it was tough to choose which one to put a spot light on.

Then I found her.

As you may know I’m a proud father to two incredible girls. Since they were old enough to go to school, they have it ingrained in them to ‘be the best that you can be’ as it was something I’ve always instilled in them before they walked out the door. In their own right, they are already successful in their pursuits. And like any parent, we want to inspire our kids to be better, even more successful than ourselves, at least I do. It’s difficult, though, to find young people who inspire fellow young people to another level.

This one young lady, Hanalei Swan, does that and a lot more.

I only recently discovered her and she immediately became must-watch viewing for my girls. Actually, she became must-watch viewing for me too. What an inspiration! It’s tough to complain about our lives; about not being enough, about feeling sorry for ourselves etc. She just flat out goes after it. It doesn’t hurt that she has awesome, entrepreneurial parents who guide her the way they do in business and in life.

Hanalei Swan built a successful fashion business and later turned down a 30 million dollar offer from the ABC-TV show, Shark Tank. You read that right. 30 million dollars. Oh ya, that was when she was 11-years-old!

At such a young age, she’s 12 now, she has so much to say and we have a lot to learn from her. She is my feature today for Underrated YouTuber of the week, maybe the decade. Hanalei was on fellow successful entrepreneur Mike Vestil’s podcast. So if you’ve never heard of Hanlei Swan, you will. Enjoy.