We’re All in This Together So Here You Go…

By Coach Roger

We’re All in This Together So Here You Go

3D illustration of COVID-19

I read this from someone who saw it on Facebook. Paraphrased, it said: “Our grandparents were asked to cross the ocean and serve their country to fight for freedom….we are being asked to sit on a couch and watch Netflix. We can do this.”

And we can. But only together.

It’s obviously a tough time for A LOT of people. It’s scary. The COVID-19 pandemic and the massive layoffs about to happen will devastate families all over the world. In many cases, layoffs have already happened. Personally speaking, my wife was laid off three days ago. She’s a successful hair stylist but personal care was trumped by the dangers of potentially spreading or catching a deadly virus. I support the salon owners decision but man, this whole thing sucks.

Thankfully, almost all my income is passive so it’ll keep coming in and I know I’m in a privileged place compared to most but it wasn’t by complete accident either. Let’s face it, the online business community has grown exponentially in the last week alone. People are looking for secondary income streams or if they’ve just lost their job, a new income stream. So which guru do you follow?

Every online business program/course/opportunity seems to come with hidden costs. You buy in and then there’s an “OTO” (one-time offer) to upgrade and then another offer to upgrade and so on and so on. Before you know it, you’re out $900 for a product that’s advertised for $27. Now, truth be told, $900 is a drop in the bucket for a business. That’s a monthly office expense for many one-man army business owners. But for others, $900 is what’s left in the bank account and after their own personal expenses, there’s nary left over.

Let’s say you don’t have any money or very little of it. What do you do? I want to introduce you to a business friend of mine named Dejan who’s not much older than my teen-aged daughter. This guy is a master at generating an income with YouTube and you don’t have to be in front of the camera if you don’t want to. His methods are proven to profit and you can rinse and repeat over and over without spending an extra dime!

I’ve created a YouTube channel, generated 1,800 subscribers and got it monetized. But I’ve only done that once so far. Dejan has done it many times over and has sold it for BIG profits and that’s just one way you can make money with his course, all without being a salesman.

I don’t make a penny for recommending this course. I will say it’s packed full of value, it’s simple to follow and it works. Right now it sells for $119 (the price may go up) and after you buy it, there is nothing more to buy. There are ways you can pay someone to expedite a particular result but that is completely optional, you don’t have to and you’ll be fine, no worries. I hope this helps. Stay safe. Click Here