The Power of Following A System

By Coach Roger

It’s been five years now that I’ve been part of a local real estate investment group in the Toronto area.

The guys who head the group of 400+ investors are brilliant marketers, to say the least. Since I joined in 2012, without fail, I’ve received a monthly newsletter in the mail along with a CD of their latest audio interview. You can also access all their audios online along with hundreds of insightful articles. They’re always in your face with their brand but it’s always ok because they consistently deliver value. So what’s the point to all this? Continue reading “The Power of Following A System”

What the Hell is a CPA Network?….This One Works!

By Coach Roger

By Coach Roger

Passive income.

Two words that, as an Internet marketer, represents the holy grail. As a real estate investor, it’s the same thing. That’s the main reason I got into it, for the passive income.

However, in real estate, you will have A LOT more headaches than if you were in a CPA network. Case in point, I need to find tenants to fill three separate rental units as I write, that’s pretty stressful but it’s the path I’ve chosen and a path I love. When you are in a CPA network doing CPA marketing it’s pretty cut and dried with no real hassles, that’s what I love about it.

Continue reading “What the Hell is a CPA Network?….This One Works!”