Life Lessons from 100-Year-Olds

By Coach Roger

The headline and photo above are misleading but connected too. I’m obviously not 100 years old, just over half that actually, but I wanted to share a pic of the hand-made birthday card my 10-year-old daughter gave me last week. Please note, this is not to highlight how wonderful a dad I am – although I confess, I am : ) this is to highlight how precious life is and our mortality.

If you’re in your 30s you’re likely not even thinking about this. The thought of your mortality may creep up in your 40s but I’m pretty certain most of us who hit 50 and beyond have thought about death. So, what does this downer topic have to do with sales, marketing and growing your business?

It means time is ticking. No matter how old you are, in just over 30 days from now, it will be the year 2020. Did you achieve or are you on track to achieve your goals of 2019? If not, why not?

Have I achieved my goals? I’m definitely on track but I can be better too. It’s critically important to know your reasons why you’re striving for a particular goal. This should be the fire to keep you burning. If you don’t have a goal, make one! Stay consistent, stay the course and good things will happen, I promise.

The other side of the coin is don’t do anything and live your life with eternal regrets. Surely that’s not the outcome you desire. Even worse, if you don’t do what you should be doing for your financial future today, you will ultimately be in a very dark place tomorrow. That’s a horrible thought so don’t waste your life!

Take heed from what these centenarians are saying as they look back on their lives in the video below. We can all learn from their wisdom.

NB – The note on the card about the ‘expensive gift’ is from a long running joke when my kids would ask me what I wanted for Xmas or birthdays. With tongue firmly in cheek I always asked for an expensive gift. Now you know.