What Are You Grateful for?

By Coach Roger

The pic doesn’t show it clearly but the wording reads “What are you grateful for?”

The saying is taped to my daughter’s dressing table mirror and it has served her well in being a good kid to her parents but also being aware of what she has and how lucky she is. As parents we remind her of her blessings from time to time, something that needs to be done when she gets into her “Can you buy this for me?” or “Can I have that?”outbursts, however infrequent they are.

When my kids were really young, I wrote that saying and taped it to their dresser. After some years of wear and tear it eventually came off but it was my little one who put it back up on her own. That saying alone that she’s read everyday has helped frame her mindset. I just know it.

In anything I’ve done well in my life, it’s always because I’ve had a good attitude about it; having the right mindset and working hard. It’s a simple formula but as Jim Rohn says, we often major in the minor things. Although he was referring to sales, it can also be applied to life in general.

It’s easy to get lost in your thoughts and sabotage yourself into a worst-case scenario. Your mindset is critical in achieving whatever it is you want to achieve. I’ve written about this in previous posts and it certainly won’t be the last time.

If you’re about to start a marketing/sales campaign, if you’re about to dial for dollars or if you are about to close a deal, before you begin ask yourself, ‘what am I grateful for?’ and answer it honestly. You’ll find there is so much you should be grateful for that even if you lose a sale, it’ll hurt, yes, but it will also put everything in perspective if you truly believe in the saying. Hope this helps.