Who Can YOU Trust Online in 2020?

By Coach Roger

Forget the 2020 part, the headline should read “Who can you trust online? Period.”

Let’s face it, there are a lot of players out there who want to get at your pocket book as quickly as possible. In business, that’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as you’re not being duped into something you don’t need or want. Of course, being duped happens all the time. The question is, how do you avoid it happening to you in 2020?

A few weeks ago, I hired a guy to do appointment setting calls to promote an automatic trading software I own (here’s my podcast with the co-developer from 2017). In a later conversation I had with this guy, he correctly pointed out that you are essentially who you associate with. He said this because, right before he was about to start work, he read two negative posts about the co-developer and the software from a scam report. Then he bailed and ran away. These were two ANONYMOUS posts, to be clear.

If we take the posts as gospel and the software didn’t work for these people as claimed, I’m confident it was because they messed with it. How do I know this? Because I messed with the software too and it almost liquidated my trading account!

I’ve owned this automatic trading software for about two years now but have only been ‘trading’ with it – I say ‘trading’ because all you’re really doing is pressing the on/off button; the trading itself is automatic – for about a year. I’m in positive territory, up about 8% which is great in any investment scenario. That said, I’m also in a losing spell as there is no system or person who can guarantee that you will win every trade. It doesn’t exist.

In short, it’s been a great investment and is one of my retirement vehicles that I plan to one day live off of. The point to all this is, just because an anonymous person posts negative comments about someone or something, doesn’t make it true. If there were a ton of negative reviews about the software or the co-developer, however, then that’s a different story.

One of my major pet peeves is when business gurus host webinars and LIE about saying they’re “live”. Let’s call it for what it is: Absolute BS! You’re not live and we know it. How stupid do you think the attendees are? Granted, some participants may fall for it but by overtly lying saying you’re live when you’re not, hurts your credibility and your product or service. It’s important to note, however, not all business gurus do this but for those who do, you know who you are. Stop it!

So when it comes to business opportunities or programs, who can you trust online in 2020? Trust yourself. Do your research, consider the source, ask questions, check reviews, evaluate the pros and cons and if it all makes sense, go for it and take action. The only way to success in anything is to take action. Take massive action.

Blessings to you and to a healthy & prosperous 2020!!

Let’s do this!

Coach Roger

NB – With any type of investing and in relation to future results, nothing can be guaranteed or promised. Always do your due diligence.