One Critical Ingredient to a Successful Business

By Coach Roger

Have you ever missed going to the gym and regretted it? What about eating that chocolate cake that you enjoyed but deep down wished you didn’t even look at it? Well, this is my first post for 2020 and I regret not writing sooner. Sorry! : )

I have actually been really busy. I’ve been building a new business, a marketing agency, that I’m proud of and it’s going really well but taking up a lot of my time of late.

Where I know I don’t need any help in building my business is with the company I keep, specifically my wife.

In light of it being one day after St. Valentines Day today and, as a man, I’ll say it’s easy to fall in love with a hot woman. What’s infinitely more difficult, however, is finding a hot woman who checks off all the other boxes: supportive partner, great wife, great mom, great friend, great cook and a traditional woman who looks after her husband – before all the feminists jump in, I look after her too, ok? ; )

Rinku is my saviour, she’s more than being my rock. After 22 years of marriage (and counting), I say this sincerely. Without her, I would likely be dead or out of control. Please note, I didn’t set out to write about my wife, I want to keep my posts business as usual but there is definitely a connection between a successful business and a successful union between two people or three or more, whatever floats your boat. No judgement here.

If your partner is someone who doesn’t support you it’s going to be very difficult taking the proper action without asking yourself “Is building this business worth it?” Or “What will they say if this one doesn’t pan out?” Choose carefully, my friend. Seriously, choosing the right life partner will have a tremendous impact on how you progress in your (business) life.

This one may shock you but I knew my wife only three weeks before we got married. Three weeks! This was NOT an arranged marriage either in case you were thinking that.

Knowing someone only three weeks before getting hitched I know sounds insane but here’s all I needed to know about her, apart from her natural beauty (btw, she looks even better in person). My qualifiers were: Does she come from a good family? Check. Is she of good character? Check. Can she cook? Check. The rest, over time, just fell into place. For those who say “you have to work on your marriage” is BS to me. If you have to “work” on your marriage, that’s not much of a marriage. It should be natural, organic and respectful.

Anyways, getting back to business, before you start one and you have a partner, it’s critical you have their support because there’s going to be ups and downs, expect it. It’s easy to ride an ‘up’ wave but if it crashes, they should be there for you to pick up the pieces so you can get up again, it’s so important! Hope this helps.