The Power of 10


We’ve all done it. Read a book once, put it away for months or years and perhaps read it again. What if you read that book 10-15 times? Do you think you’d be an expert on the content of that book? Hell ya.

It’s no different from our professions and passions, you do something enough times you become an expert at it; cooking, finance, Internet marketing, engineering, you name it. Sure, you can do something as a hobby and not necessarily be an expert at it but doing it enough times becomes second nature to you.

I was in the Dominican Republic last week with the family, it was excellent, we all had a grand time. Especially being this time of year, that time away allows you to reflect on what was in 2017 and more importantly, what’s ahead. Life truly is what you make it. Not without its challenges of course but as long as you know there will be bumps in the road, you can do anything. The toughest thing for most people, however, is finding the motivation that pushes you to do it consistently.

Have a listen to Mel Robbins, a life coach, CNN commentator and author. She talks about this specific subject and how motivation is a bunch of hooey. I’ve introduced her to my daughter – she’s the one sitting on the chair at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, that part was about 12 meters down (about 39 ft).  I’m really proud of her, she ‘snuba dived’ as it were, fearlessly. Now we both employ Mel Robbins count down method, it’s brilliant.

Remember it’s fine to look back in the past but also remember not to stay there, always be looking ahead and love and cherish those closest to you. And as corny as the old saying sounds, ‘Do unto others as you would have done to you’ it’s so true because karma is a bitch. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

You can check out Mel Robbins full interview, right here.

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