If You’re Marketing Using Twitter, Stop!

By Coach Roger

According Josh Steimle of MWI, a digital marketing agency, there are 5 marketing initiatives you should stop right now because this year they’re going to die a slow death. Here is a summary of the Top 5 digital marketing trends and the reasons why he thinks they will die in 2017.

In summary:
  1. Pop Up Ads

Reason: Google has data that shows people don’t like them and now boosts site owner rankings if they remove them.

  1. Fake Reviews

Reason: Writing fake reviews is in itself an industry and companies hire people to write them. However, today’s online user is more savvy and, for the most part, can differentiate between what’s real and what isn’t. Amazon launched lawsuits against companies for publishing fake reviews.

  1. Stock Images

Reason: More businesses are turning to personalized images and videos to gain more traction. Personalized images can increase likes, shares and click through rates.

2. Big Banner Ads

Reason: The decline of big banner ads is mainly due to people being mobile and accessing the Internet from their smartphones. These larger ads take a lot longer to load on a smaller screen which makes it more of a nuisance than anything.

  1. Twitter

Reason: Coupled with the rise of Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat and cutting 300 jobs recently, Twitter has a pretty big hill to climb. The good news is c0-founder Jack Dorsey is back in the fold. For a full read of the article, click here.

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