W. Clemente Stone and Jack Canfield

By Coach Roger

I’ve gushed about Jack Canfield in a previous post and how he’s played a role in my family’s success. As the co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, he does a training called the Success Principles. In one of the audios he talks about his relationship with his mentor, future head of a billion dollar company and philanthropist, W. Clement Stone.

He reflects on a question Mr. Stone asks him about accountability. Paraphrased, Jack is asked “Do you take responsibility for all your results?” He pauses then says, “um, I think so.”

From that point forward it was drilled down that Jack must take responsibility and be accountable for everything in his life. Obviously he didn’t have control over outside forces but he had control of his attitude and his reaction to events that did happen. This is something we all face.

For example, some people will start an online business and if it doesn’t make them a pile of money right away they call it a scam, blame that company or the person who signed them up and then throw in the towel.

We live in this “Right Now” world with media stories of overnight successes. Give me a break! That overnight success only came after a long road of little steps. They had the persistence and perseverance to overcome obstacles and they took accountability for their actions.

But we all have to start somewhere and here is an excellent place to do it. Jack Canfield will be hosting a webinar on Thursday called The Seven Pillars of True Life Transformation.

Along with fellow New York Times best-selling author, Marci Shimoff, Jack invites you to join in. It’s about overcoming obstacles and finally getting over your fears that stop you dead in your tracks. As stated before, he’s truly one of the greatest.

To sign up for free, Click Here and enjoy!


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