Women, Network Marketing and Facebook

By Coach Roger


Most people who start in a network marketing or home based business are on a tight budget. Considering you might spend $300-$600 every month in marketing dollars, you want to make money quickly.

The question then becomes how do you maximize the budget you do have, even if you’re starting from zero? More and more MLM companies suggest marketing directly to other network marketers, a great idea. The logic being these people already understand the concept of leverage, they have bought into the network marketing business model and have already proven they are buyers.

But if everyone markets to the same demographic, does that share of the pie become too small? The answer: Absolutely not! There’s room for us all, folks.

Statistics from the DSA (Direct Sellers Association) show well over 100,000 people join a home-based business every month. They are the same people you meet everyday: mortgage brokers, stay-at-home moms, school teachers, the unemployed, actors and everyone in between, people just like you and me.

But with all these people to share your business with, which method is the best way to reach them? There are so many marketing initiatives to choose from but if you haven’t tried Facebook, you really should, it can be awesome.

Before you set up a new campaign, take into consideration that women make up to 80% of household buying decisions – trust me they do, I live with four of them (mom lives with us too) – and according to E-Marketer, in 2012, 39.6 million women who had children under the age of 18, were online. That’s an increase of 4 million women from 2010.

Also, generally speaking, women purchase more strategically, men purchase immediately. Women want products that will help them today and into the future whereas men tend to think about how a product will meet his needs now.

When making decisions, women will compare products and services and are far more likely to lean on her friends’ opinions before buying. They are more inclined to build relationships through social media or Work-at-home-type forums too.

So what kind of business can you offer to the fairer sex where, if you follow a step by step system, can bring you enough leads and income to eventually leave your 9-5? Check out what my friend John Crestani is doing and attend one of his webinars this week, he’ll show you exactly what to do. Click here.

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